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Friday, August 27, 2010

....a fun PTA event

So the kids are back to school and the PTA has already had a family night.  And it was actually a lot of fun!  Max unfortunately had been home sick that day, so it was just Samantha and me taking place in the Adams Amazing Race.

We got to the school and were given a list of things we were supposed to find and questions to answer.  It started in the gym with a physical challenge given by the P.E. teacher.  Different tasks for different grades. Samantha had to catch a ball in a scoop 10 times before we could proceed.

That done,  we looked at the list (ignoring the instructions at the top, but more about that later!).  We saw that there was a task in the art room so we decided to go there since it was close to the gym.  She had to draw a self portrait and get the sheet initialed by the teacher and off we went.

The other questions and tasks took place in the hallway of the student's grade, so off we went.  We had answered quite a few and had to go to another teacher's room.  When we got there she looked at our sheet and issued us a "detour".  We had neglected to read that that the questions were supposed to be answered in order!  We had to rush to the second grade hall, where we we issued our punishment.  Samantha had to rub her tummy, pat her head and jump on one foot for 30 seconds!

That done, we finished our questions, got them checked off, received our prize for finishing (a weird looking bouncy ball) and proceed to the cafeteria for a spaghetti dinner!  All for free!  With homemade desserts!

Monday, August 23, 2010

...it's back to school

So Max and Samantha tracked back in today.  They were ready to start, but Samantha had some tears about leaving camp on Friday.  They will see some of the same kids in school, but there are a few who do go to other schools, so it was a little weepy for her Friday afternoon.

Max was starting to get bored with the routine of camp so school was a welcome change and he was actually heard to utter this morning "thank goodness school is back in"!  I LOVE year round school because of stuff just like this!

60 days until Germany!  The next time the kids track out (actually the day they track out), we will be on our way!